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“Futura Group resources are remarkable and include a huge amount information and attention to detail”.

- Mark Herrington Educator, Careers Australia and Kings Unitech

“Futura Group provide excellent eLearning solutions – the eCoach is an interactive and entertaining learning resource that gives students and trainers a fresh and exciting platform for learning”

Matt Steel, Program Leader: Hospitality, Industry Training and VET Teacher Training Initiatives, William Angliss Institute

“The time we save by using Futura Group resources allows us to concentrate on the delivery of our courses, and the quality of our training, in turn providing a better experience for our learners…”

Adrian Goodwin – Commercial Cookery Trainer: TAFE NSW, South Western Sydney Institute.

Backed by Industry

Outcome focused and designed for student success, our resource and assessment packages are developed in conjunction with industry, including:
  • Restaurant & Catering Industry Association
  • Australian Hotels Association
  • Accommodation Association of Australia
  • Australian Federation of Travel Agents

Resource and assessment packages

All SIT resources and integrated assessments are mapped to the SIT training package. Teacher support tools include:
Detailed training package mapping documents
  Theory assessments (including case studies)
  Practical assessment templates
  Lesson outlines and sessional training plans
  Checkpoint question and answer guides
  Quiz question and answer guides

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Available Unit List

Units below are now available!
(Including Online Resources, Workbooks and Assessments)

SITHCCC001 Use Food Preparation Equipment


  • SITHCCC001 Use food preparation equipment
  • SITHCCC002 Prepare and present simple dishes
  • SITHCCC003 Prepare and present sandwiches
  • SITHCCC004 Package prepared foodstuffs
  • SITHCCC005 Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery
  • SITHCCC006 Prepare appetisers and salads
  • SITHCCC007 Prepare stocks sauces and soups
  • SITHCCC008 Prepare vegetable, fruit, egg and farinaceous dishes
  • SITHCCC011 Use cookery skills effectively
  • SITHCCC012 Prepare poultry dishes
  • SITHCCC013 Prepare seafood dishes
  • SITHCCC014 Prepare meat dishes
  • SITHCCC015 Produce and serve food for buffets
  • SITHCCC016 Produce pates and terrines
  • SITHCCC017 Handle and serve cheese
  • SITHCCC018 Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements
  • SITHCCC019 Produce cakes, pastries and breads
  • SITHCCC020 Work effectively as a cook
  • SITHCCC022 Prepare portion-controlled meat cuts and meat products
  • SITHKOP001 Clean kitchen premises and equipment
  • SITHKOP002 Plan and cost basic menus
  • SITHKOP003 Plan and display buffets (coming soon)
  • SITHKOP004 Develop menus for special dietary requirements
  • SITHKOP005 Coordinate cooking operations
  • SITHKOP006 Plan catering for events or functions
  • SITHKOP007 Design and cost menus (coming soon)
SITHPAT003 Produce Pastries


  • SITHPAT001 Produce cakes
  • SITHPAT002 Produce gateaux, torten and cakes
  • SITHPAT003 Produce pastries
  • SITHPAT004 Produce yeast-based bakery products
  • SITHPAT005 Produce petits fours
  • SITHPAT006 Produce desserts
  • SITHPAT007 Prepare and model marzipan
  • SITHPAT008 Produce chocolate confectionery
  • SITHPAT009 Model sugar-based decorations
  • SITHPAT010 Design and produce sweet buffet showpieces
AFTA et logo

AFTA Travel

  • Australian Destination & Attractions
  • International Destinations & Attractions
  • Australian Travel Products
  • International Travel Products
  • Travel and Tourism Sales
  • Travel and Tourism Essentials
  • Customer Communication and Service
  • Use a computerised reservations or operations system
  • Provide specialist advice on cruises
  • Domestic Australian Airfares
  • Normal International Airfares
  • Promotional International Airfares
SITXFIN001 Process Financial Transactions


  • BSBADM502 Manage meetings
  • BSBCMM201 Communicate in the workplace
  • BSBCMM401 Make a presentation
  • BSBDIV501 Manage diversity in the workplace
  • BSBFIA301 Maintain financial records
  • BSBFIM601 Manage finances
  • BSBHRM604 Manage employee relations
  • BSBMGT517 Manage operational plan
  • BSBMGT617 Develop and implement a business plan
  • BSBRSK501 Manage risk
  • BSBSUS201 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • BSBSUS401 Implement and Monitor Environmental Sustainable Work Practices
  • BSBWOR203 Work effectively with others
  • BSBWRT401 Write complex documents
  • SITXCCS001 Provide customer information and assistance
  • SITXCCS002 Provide visitor information
  • SITXCCS003 Interact with customers
  • SITXCCS004 Provide lost and found services (coming soon)
  • SITXCCS006 Provide service to customers
  • SITXCCS007 Enhance customer service experiences
  • SITXCCS008 Develop and manage quality customer service practices
  • SITXCOM001 Source and present information
  • SITXCOM002 Show social and cultural sensitivity
  • SITXCOM003 Provide a briefing or scripted commentary
  • SITXCOM004 Address protocol requirements
  • SITXCOM005 Manage conflict
  • SITXFIN001 Process financial transactions
  • SITXFIN002 Interpret financial information
  • SITXFIN003 Manage finances within a budget
  • SITXFIN004 Prepare and monitor budgets
  • SITXFIN005 Manage physical assets
  • SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety
  • SITXFSA002 Participate in safe food handling practices
  • SITXFSA003 Transport and store food
  • SITXFSA004 Develop and implement a food safety program
  • SITXGLC001 Research and comply with regulatory requirements
  • SITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills
  • SITXHRM002 Roster staff
  • SITXHRM003 Lead and manage people
  • SITXHRM004 Recruit, select and induct staff
  • SITXHRM006 Monitor staff performance
  • SITXINV001 Receive and store stock
  • SITXINV002 Maintain the quality of perishable items
  • SITXINV003 Purchase goods
  • SITXINV004 Control stock
  • SITXLAN01 Conduct basic oral communication in a language other than English (coming soon)
  • SITXMGT001 Monitor work operations
  • SITXMGT002 Establish and conduct business relationships
  • SITXMGT003 Manage projects
  • SITXMPR004 Coordinate marketing activities
  • SITXMPR006 Obtain and manage sponsorship
  • SITXMPR007 Develop and implement marketing strategies
  • SITXWHS001 Participate in safe work practices
  • SITXWHS002 Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks
  • SITXWHS003 Implement and monitor work health and safety practices
  • SITXWHS004 Establish and maintain a work health and safety system
SITHFAB011 Provide Advice on Beers, Spirits and Liqueurs


  • SITHFAB001 Clean and tidy bar areas
  • SITHFAB002 Provide responsible service of alcohol
  • SITHFAB003 Operate a bar
  • SITHFAB004 Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages
  • SITHFAB005 Prepare and serve espresso coffee
  • SITHFAB006 Provide room service (coming soon)
  • SITHFAB007 Serve food and beverage
  • SITHFAB008 Operate and monitor cellar systems
  • SITHFAB009 Conduct a product tasting for alcoholic beverages
  • SITHFAB010 Prepare and serve cocktails
  • SITHFAB011 Provide advice on beers, spirits and liqueurs
  • SITHFAB012 Provide advice on Australian wines
  • SITHFAB013 Provide advice on imported wines
  • SITHFAB014 Provide table service of food and beverage
  • SITHFAB016 Provide advice on food
  • SITHFAB017 Provide advice on food and beverage matching
  • SITHIND001 Use hygienic practices for hospitality service
  • SITHIND002 Source and use information on the hospitality industry
  • SITHIND003 Use hospitality skills effectively
  • SITHIND004 Work effectively in hospitality service
  • SITHACS001 Clean premises and equipment
  • SITHACS002 Provide housekeeping services to guests
  • SITHACS003 Prepare rooms for guests
  • SITHACS004 Launder linen and guest clothes
  • SITHACS005 Provide porter services
  • SITHACS006 Provide valet service
  • SITHACS007 Conduct night audit
  • SITHACS008 Provide accommodation reception services

Events; Tourism and Travel


  • SITEEVT001 Source and use information on event operations
  • SITEEVT002 Process and monitor event registrations
  • SITEEVT003 Coordinate on-site event registrations
  • SITEEVT004 Provide event staging support
  • SITEEVT005 Plan in-house events or functions
  • SITEEVT006 Develop conference programs
  • SITEEVT007 Select event venues and sites
  • SITEEVT008 Manage event staging components
  • SITEEVT009 Organise event infrastructure
  • SITEEVT010 Manage on-site event operations
  • SITEEVT011 Research event trends and practice
  • SITEEVT012 Develop event concepts
  • SITEEVT013 Determine event feasibility
  • SITEEVT014 Develop and implement event management plans


Tourism and Travel

  • SITTIND001 Source and use information on the tourism and travel industry
  • SITTTSL001 Operate online information systems
  • SITTTSL002 Access and interpret product information
  • SITTTSL003 Provide advice on international destinations
  • SITTTSL004 Provide advice on Australian destinations
  • SITTTSL005 Sell tourism products and services
  • SITTTSL006 Prepare quotations
  • SITTTSL007 Process reservations
  • SITTTSL008 Book supplier products and services
  • SITTTSL009 Process travel-related documentation
  • SITTTSL010 Use computerised reservations or operations system
  • SITTGDE002 Work as a guide
  • SITTGDE004 Lead tour groups
  • SITTGDE005 Prepare and present tour commentaries or activities
  • SITTGDE006 Develop and maintain the general and regional knowledge required by guides
  • SITTGDE007  Research and share general information on Australian Indigenous cultures (coming soon)
  • SITTGDE008 Prepare specialised interpretive content on flora, fauna and landscape (coming soon)
  • SITTGDE009 Prepare specialised interpretive content on marine and environment (coming soon)
  • SITTGDE010 Prepare specialised interpretive content on cultural and heritage environments (coming soon)

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