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 Support Tools and Product Updates are FREE when you spend $2,500 or more on resources*

eLearning Prices

The Futura Group catalogue includes a broad range of SIT resources covering Tourism, Events, Patisserie, Housekeeping, Front office, F&B and Cookery. For BSB Online pricing head over here.

Cost Per Unit

Bulk Price

$12 per unit / per studentDiscounts for high volume purchases are available.

Workbook Prices

Workbooks are now printed in full colour and can be ordered from our online shop. For wholesale orders please call (02) 4957 1544 (allow 7-10 working days for delivery for all orders).

Workbook Size



0-60 pages$16.95$12.95
60-80 pages$21.95$16.95
80+ pages$24.95$19.95

*Available with Service Agreement.

Teacher Support Tools

Updates to Teacher Support Tools and assessment materials are free of charge as long as you continue to use Futura Group resources, and meet the minimum purchase requirements (above). Teacher Suport Tools include:
  • Lesson outlines and sessional training plans
  • Detailed training package mapping documents
  • Checkpoint question and answer guides
  • Quiz question and answer guides
  • Theory assessments (including case studies)
  • Practical assessment examples

How do I get access to the support tools?

*To receive the valuable Teacher Support Tools for FREE, simply spend a minimum of $2,500 in each of the first two 6-month periods – you can use this $2,500 as credit towards any of our resources including eLearning, workbooks and eBooks, at any time within the 6-month period. Ongoing minimum purchases will entitle you to all updates to our support tools and eLearning resources!


Call us to discuss your training needs today  (02) 4957 1544

Call us to discuss your training needs today  (02) 4957 1544