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How to Cook an eLearning Pizza

eLearning is used most successfully by training organisations, where a holistic approach is taken with a focus on the desired outcome i.e. the skill sets and knowledge required to complete set tasks or understand critical concepts. When a successful learning model is developed based on the learning outcomes, the online component is usually one of several components (or toppings) in the ‘eLearning pizza’.

The eCoach Just Got Better

Over the past few months we’ve re-written the eCoach from the ground up to provide our customers with a faster, more responsive, and more playful eLearning platform. All of our online resources are now responsive (meaning that the layout will adapt to your device), and will work on most smart phones.

A New Look For The Futura Group eCoach

If you've logged into our Virtual Campus recently, you may have already met Kevin - our new digital coach / eLearning personal trainer. Kevin is an enthusiastic and multi-talented teacher who loves sweat bands, knee-high socks, and disco. He’s so daggy it's almost cool.