Futura Group build, design and manage eLearning solutions from the ground up.
Futura Group build, design and manage eLearning solutions from the ground up.

End-to-end eLearning solutions.

From planning and consultation, to instructional design and implementation, Futura Group can help you develop a fully customised eLearning solution to meet your training needs.

Why eLearning?

eLearning is convenient and can take place anytime, anywhere.

  • Participants in eLearning programs learn almost five times more material in the same amount of time allocated for traditional training initiatives.
  • Studies have also demonstrated that by allowing learners to work at their own pace,  they retain more information than with traditional instructor led training - in some cases by 25% - 60%.
  • eLearning is cost effective and can be used to to standardise delivery (for instance, compliance, WHS or induction training).

Types of eLearning

TAFES, Universities and RTOs

Leading education institutions use our custom training solutions to open new markets, reduce training costs, and provide consistent delivery across faculties and campuses. Futura Group can work with SMEs to develop a curriculum from scratch, or we can convert existing training materials into an engaging eLearning format.
We have  experience developing our own resources within a standards-based environment (e.g. AQF, Service Skills Australia, SCORM technical standards for eLearning products, W3C, WCAG 2.0). Our Curriculum Experts and Instructional Designers also have years of practise aligning content and learning tasks to key competencies (i.e. Training Package requirements).


An effective workplace training solution can help improve compliance and internal processes,  performance in the workplace, or more engaged consumers. eLearning can also reduce training costs associated with onboarding or induction processes - Find out more.


eLearning can be effective tool to drive staff engagement or behavioural change (for instance, to support new policies or initiatives).  Futura Group is a pre-approved provider of eLearning Services to the NSW Government, and has completed several ICT projects for the Department, as well as previously tendered projects, including resource development for the ADF School of Catering - View our Portfolio.


An increasing number of businesses within the hospitality and tourism industry are turning to eLearning as an efficient and cost effective way of providing training programs for their employees. Hospitality eLearning programs are commonly utilised by major hotel and restaurant corporations to not only to expand employees’ skills, but also to train employees new to the hospitality and tourism industry - Read More.

Our Approach

eLearning can only work if the experience is interesting, stimulating and engaging...

To engage and inspire learners our custom eLearning solutions include interactive diagrams and challenges, videos, scenarios, virtual environments and animations.
Having worked with subject matter experts (SMEs) across a range of disparate subject areas (from Chefs and Hotel Managers to Waterproofers and Forklift Drivers), our Instructional designers have the proven ability to create interesting courses to address almost any training requirement.

Project Methodology

  • Typically, Futura Group will work with you to establish your needs (audience, behavioural outcomes, learning constraints, etc.) and then document the project's instructional, visual and technical design strategy.
  • After creating storyboards, and assembling any required content, our designers will begin work on the user interface and user experience, creating prototypes for approval (as required).
  • Our eLearning developers will then work to integrate learning technologies. Projects are reviewed at key milestones, evaluated, and revised according to any feedback provided.
  • To assist with the implementation and adoption of new systems and technologies, our bespoke eLearning products are supported with learner guides, handouts and/or workbooks in a range of formats (as required), and can include resources such as PowerPoint presentations and introductory videos.


The eCoach

The eCoach (Courseware) is a cloud-based solution that can be delivered anywhere (within any modern LMS), and was developed to create engaging eLearning experiences with instructional design integrity.  Features include:
  • Superb UX Design - User-experience is central to the learning experience through all parts of the learning pathway, allowing students to easily monitor their progress.
  • Interactive challenges -  To encourage discovery and participation to captivate all types of learners.
  • Responsive Layouts - The eCoach is 100% responsive,  iPad, Android and SmartPhone compatible.
  • SCORM compliance - Our courseware is fully SCORM 1.2 compliant and can be used with any modern LMS (LTI is optional).
  • High-integrity Hosting - We use high performance servers with the highest security available and 100% network uptime guarantee.

Learning Management Software (LMS)

Organisations of all sizes can easily author and deploy courses, content and assessments anywhere in the world with our LMS.


  • Built on Moodle - The Futura Group LMS is built on Moodle, the fastest growing LMS globally, with thousands of users worldwide. Access the benefits of open source technology without the hassle of maintaining your own code.
  • Flexible Settings - Easily modify existing pass grades, email notifications, files, content and more…
  • Self-marking Quizzes - Easily manage your own custom assessments and self-marking quizzes.
  • Advanced Analytics - Easily monitor progress, and export comprehensive student / staff reports.
  • World Class Hosting - Our LMS is hosted on high performance servers with the highest security available and 100% network uptime guarantee. Rapid deployment and scalable hosting means that we can fill your training needs immediately.

Why Moodle?

The Moodle platform is a leader in the education sector, and is used extensively by corporate and government organisations worldwide. The open source project is backed by an extensive developer community, is fully customisable, and is supported by a wide range of plugins and add-ons to extend out of the box functionality.
New to Moodle? Watch this video.
We’ve spent  hundreds of development hours enhancing Moodle to ensure that our distribution is robust, secure and flexible (we use the same LMS to power our Virtual Campus).
Our in-house developers also maintain and update our hosted learning management software continually, ensuring that our training partners have access to a truly world-class fully integrated learning management system, without the technical headaches.

Tell us about your project...

Our LMS can be easily tailored to suit your needs including customised branding, webinars and chat room functionality, along with third-party integrations (Payment Gateways, VETtrak, etc.).
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“A dynamic and professional organisation that delivered us a high quality interactive website within a very short timeframe. They are the best agency I have ever worked with and I would highly recommend them”.

- Joanna Battersby Director – Working Together, Family & Community Services

“Futura Group were fantastic to work with and have provided an excellent service and product. The team went out of their way to make sure the products were suitable and met the needs of the project perfectly ”.

- Corinne Avery Policy Officer – Office of Finance & Services

“Futura have been exemplary in the development of our project concept, delivery of all milestones and have at all times been consultative throughout the entire process. Futura not only met HTN’s expectations – they exceeded them. I would not hesitate to recommend them”.

- Michael Bennett CEO – HTN

“Futura Group provide excellent eLearning solutions – the eCoach is an interactive and entertaining learning resource that gives students and trainers a fresh and exciting platform for learning”.

– Matt Steel Program Leader: Hospitality, Industry Training and VET Teacher Training Initiatives

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