We can convert your existing training materials or hard-copy resources into an engaging eLearning format.
We can convert your existing training materials or hard-copy resources into an engaging eLearning format.

Deliver dynamic training content anywhere.

eLearning can help students grasp knowledge through interesting and engaging online experiences. 
Our Instructional designers can help bring your training content to life with innovative eLearning templates, virtual environments,  interactive challenges and video content.

Content Conversion

Existing course material including handouts, PowerPoint files, Articulate Storylines, Word Documents, Lesson plans, or other legacy courses can be recycled and repackaged into an engaging online resource using our proprietary courseware (The eCoach).
Futura Group has an excellent understanding of emerging trends and practices, as well as adult learning principles in an eLearning context. We also have a wealth of experience contextualising content for different skill levels, cultures and language speakers.
We can confidently convert any existing training materials (e.g. in-class training materials, induction processes, SOPs) into an intuitive, learner focused solution to meet the specific needs of your business.

Benefits to Enterprise

  • Improved cost containment - Each use of an eLearning course is a return on investment because the fixed cost of production is being divided by the number of uses.
  • Increased productivity - eLearning can take place nearly anywhere and at any time. Employers can control the impact of training on work schedules by training staff during down times.
  • Improved career development - eLearning is perfectly designed to help employees develop and refine the skills they need to improve performance and prepare for other career opportunities.
  • Reduced materials costs - There usually are few (if any) additional costs for setup, labour, equipment, and materials. eLearning can take place at an employee’s office or work station, in a dedicated and equipped study lab, and by utilising existing company equipment like PCs or tablets.
  • Standardisation of delivery - There is no variation in delivery of lessons. Unlike traditional training where the effective delivery of materials may vary from trainer to trainer, eLearning material is delivered in exactly the same way to each student, every time.
  • Time compression - Standardised content and delivery of eLearning lessons means that lessons are presented with the same timed delivery across all sessions unlike live sessions which may be affected by facilitator-student-peer interaction.
  • Measurable Results - Learner progress can be easily tracked and reported.

Benefits to Employees

Cost reductions, standardised delivery, and effective time usage are important to enterprises. But those benefits mean little, overall, if the employees are not benefiting in measurable ways through their eLearning training.
  • Stronger Skills Sets and Content Retention - The carefully-developed repetitive process of many eLearning programs is shown to foster greater learning retention and stronger skills sets.
  • Career Advancement Potential - Employees wishing to further their careers have opportunities to access modules for advanced learning in other areas of the company.
  • Real-time Access - With easy and readily available access to coursework, employees’ work schedules don’t have to be radically adjusted to attend training.
  • Learning Control - Unlike traditional classroom learning, eLearning gives students greater control over their own learning processes. eLearning offers the flexibility and freedom for employees to learn at their own convenience and pace.
  • Training Time Compression - Because eLearning programs frequently can be completed in shorter periods of time, they reduce work productivity interruption. Employees also are less stressed about time spent away at training.

Other Benefits

Not all training can be measured directly in ROI values or improved skills. Some benefits are less tangible:
  • eLearning Options. Companies that offer a range of eLearning options make it easier for their employees to expand their capabilities. This can result in greater job satisfaction and workplace happiness. It also gives the company a better-trained and skilled talent pool.
  • eLearning Facilitates Easier Compliance. Many industries require periodic training and recertification in various practices in order to retain accreditation or licences. eLearning not only makes preparation for recertification easier, it also offers opportunities for otherwise viable candidates (who have not yet achieved certification) to be hired and trained on the job.
  • Standards Management. A well-established eLearning system ensures that everyone is trained to the same standards.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint and Paper Waste. Although technology creates its own form of carbon footprint, it still is considered to be significantly less than the carbon footprint generated by employees and facilitators travelling to a training site. Some programs are entirely self-contained, relying instead on e-mail, PDF content, and other web-based tools; this significantly reduces paper waste.

The Facts

  • eLearning can reduce instruction time by as much as 60%
  • Information retention rates are estimated to increase by up to 60% through eLearning processes.
  • Companies that utilise eLearning tools and strategies have the potential to boost productivity by up to 50%.
  • 72% of companies recently surveyed stated that eLearning helps them remain competitive within their niche.

Save your organisation time and money with eLearning.

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