Scratchley’s on the Wharf (one of Newcastle’s most iconic restaurants) recently engaged Futura Group to run a 2-day workshop to help staff understand food costing principles, and establish procedures to reduce wastage (without compromising on quality).  Futura Group also consulted with the Scratchley's team to help identify savings by optimising production time and staff expertise.
The workshops were held over 2 days (April 29 and 30) for Kitchen and Take-away staff.  During the workshops Wolf Bechteler (Futura Group) worked with Neil Slater (Owner) and his team to identify the cost of consumables (packaging materials, oil, disposable gloves, ancillary menu items, etc.) so these expenses could be factored into the costs of each menu item.  
Futura Group also helped organise yield testing for all fresh commodities and establishment of a data base for each fresh commodity used (including net cost per kg/serve based on market price and averages or agreed purchase factors/supplier guarantees).  
Staff at Scratchley’s now have access to a semi-automated costing template including net cost, net cost per serve, variable food cost percentage, and margin according for each dish.
This has helped established ideal portion sizes and weights for all food items served in the take-way section, resulting in savings of around 3% to date.
Neil Slater is, in his own words, ‘very happy with Futura', and we look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with Neil and the team.
If your establishment is looking to streamline your processes around food costs and yields, staff cost measures, our Industry and Educational Consultants can help develop SOPs, or pedagogically appropriate courses or instructional units - find out more.
Futura Group has experience working with a vast array of TAFEs and RTOs, international curriculum bodies, and large corporations to develop entire curriculums (mapped to supplied learning outcomes, training packages, workplace/job specific requirements).