We’re very excited to announce that the newest member of our product family eCoach for High Schools will launch (in BETA release) 26th August 2015.
If you’re wondering what this has to do with you, please keep reading - this news is big, and will provide teachers (and eventually everyone else) with simple tools to build and design their own engaging online courses.
As you might already know, the eCoach has undergone several changes in 2015, including an entirely new look and feel and complete front-end overhaul to make the platform faster, mobile-friendly and more responsive. Behind the scenes our talented programmers have also been working on a new eCoach project that we’re all very excited about!

Online Course Creation, Simplified

With our deep expertise in education resource development, we realised that demands such as reporting, compliance and benchmarking often means teachers are increasingly time-poor. Staying ahead of the technology curve to design and develop interactive courses is often out of reach of educators who don’t have the time to learn complex authoring software.
The eCoach is here to change that with its amazingly-simple eLearning tools that will make course creation easy for everyone. With more than 25 Learning templates, pre-built quiz templates, and an incredibly intuitive drag-and-drop course builder, creating new learning content is a breeze without ever leaving the web.
eCoach Course Builder
The eCoach will not only provide teachers with the tools they need to create great looking courses, it will also help students explore, discover and problem-solve their way to better learning outcomes. Our unique approach to online learning will also lead to a more focussed education environment, providing teachers with greater opportunities for mentoring and support.
Interested? Visit the eCoach Website for more information.

Next Generation Learning Management

In tandem with development of the eCoach Course Builder, our programmers have also been working on a highly-scalable, secure and cost-efficient LMS platform which promises to change the way you think about online learning delivery.
The eCoach LMS will include an easy-to-use dashboard highlighting all the information you need, when you need it. Even better, our simple user interface and social tools will provide students with a great learning experience that fits perfectly alongside eCoach learning content.
The eCoach LMS will eventually be available as an option to our customers. We will continue to offer the existing Futura Group LMS as a hosted service for anyone who isn’t interested in changing platforms.

Where do I sign up?

If you’re interested in trialling the eCoach, please visit http://www.ecoach.com.au/beta/
BETA customers will receive an extended free trial of the eCoach.
Note: Anyone can request access to eCoach BETA, however spaces are limited for the pre-release, and preference will be given to High School Teachers who register with a valid education email address.
If you’re not a High School Teacher and would still like to register, please do so. We’ll be in touch when the eCoach for Training Organisations BETA product launches.

I’m an existing eLearning customer, how will this affect me?

If you’re an existing eLearning customer there won’t be any changes to the way you use and access our Virtual Campus. If you’re perfectly happy to use our online resources with Futura Group’s LMS you’ll be able to continue doing so.
From mid-2016, we anticipate that the eCoach could be available to customise aspects of the Futura eLearning library. This will be a completely optional feature, that will hopefully provide the editing tools you need to better contextualise training content for your own delivery. Stay tuned for details.
From December 2015, anyone will be able to access our innovative course building tools to create their own highly-engaging learning content - teachers and trainers will be able to build their own cloud-based, BYOD-ready courses that are synced everywhere, easy to share, and accessible 24/7.

Key Dates and Information

If you’re an existing eLearning customer please remember that these new features are completely optional. If you are using our SIT or BSB training resources, your students won’t notice any difference in the way they currently use and access Futura Group’s eLearning material - if you’d like to continue using your training resources exactly as you are now, you won’t be affected at all.
Regardless of who you are, and how you use our products, we’ll do our best to communicate news and information about the eCoach subscription service, and our friendly staff will be here to support you through any change.

Here’s what you need to know:

The eCoach Course Builder will initially be available as two separate products: eCoach for High Schools and eCoach for Training Organisations - key features of each product is outlined in the table below. Standard and Business plans will also be available (launching 2016).

eCoach for High Schools

$29.95 per Month (with Education Discount)
  • BETA launch August 26, 2015
  • Launches November 2015
  • Full access to course building tools
  • Shareable links to allow teachers to quickly share courses with popular utilities.
  • LMS & student management (not available)
  • White label branding (not available)
Signup for BETA

Training Organisations

TBD Monthly subscription service determined by active users
  • BETA launch mid 2016
  • Launch date TBD
  • Full access to course building tools
  • No shareable course links - but will include all of the features below:
  • LMS & student management
  • White label branding
Register Interest
Regular (non-High School) users will be able to access the eCoach for $49.95 per month.


We are not currently accepting registrations for the eCoach for Training Organisations. We’ll be contacting our existing customers and email subscribers prior to the BETA launch to let them know how they can register and get involved.
We realise that this is a lot of information to absorb, so if you have any questions please email us or post your comments below. We think we have something pretty special in the eCoach and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Stay tuned for more information!