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Challenges to Skills Development in Hospitality

Skills Challenges

The Tourism & Hospitality sector in Australia has long faced skills shortages. It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact cause, but investigating the challenges to skills development is key to ensuring successful programs for the future. On Wednesday, our CEO Reinhold presented his discussion of these issues at the Skills Symposium in Sydney. The following is a brief summary of his findings and key points.

Student Engagement – How do you do it?

Student Engagement

Some think it’s the unattainable dream, but students can be engaged in their learning, as long as the learning materials are designed with them in mind. Let’s have a look at a few things you can do to drastically improve student interest and learning outcomes.

How to Cook an eLearning Pizza

eLearning is used most successfully by training organisations, where a holistic approach is taken with a focus on the desired outcome i.e. the skill sets and knowledge required to complete set tasks or understand critical concepts. When a successful learning model is developed based on the learning outcomes, the online component is usually one of several components (or toppings) in the ‘eLearning pizza’.