About Us

Our Philosophy

At Futura Group, we aim to develop engaging eLearning resources that can drastically improve learner interest and outcomes. Whether you’re an RTO searching for new resources to increase student interest and engagement, or a business looking to develop a staff training module for online delivery, Futura Group can help you to meet your learning needs. We will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive solution that fulfills all your educational and training requirements.

What We Do

With an innovative approach, Futura Group is experienced in developing cutting edge eLearning. Our dedication to providing solutions-driven learning experiences has led to the fulfilment of many successful collaborations, meeting the needs of both corporate and RTO clientele.

High-quality Training Resources

Our unique offerings include a catalogue of resources across SIT, BSB and SIR training packages. Backed by a powerful, intuitive and award winning Learning Management System, our resources and matched assessments make it simple to increase your student engagement.

With industry-approved units in cookery, tourism and travel, hospitality, cross sector, business, leadership and management, retail, events and patisserie, our resources and assessments can be easily adapted and contextualised to fit your student cohort, location, or organisation.

Collaboration with Industry Professionals

Futura Group collaborates with industry professionals to develop resources that ensure students and learners are workplace ready. Whether they are Michelin-starred chefs, world-renowned professionals or on-trend business leaders, our training products bring the best of the industry directly to the learner.

Some of the industry groups involved in the development of our outcome-focused resource and assessment packages are Restaurant & Catering Industry Association, Australian Hotels Association, Accommodation Association of Australia and Australian Federation of Travel Agents. A high level of industry involvement ensures that our resources reflect the current needs and standards of today’s workplaces.

Turn Your Materials into Engaging eLearning

Our team has extensive experience in course creation, with skills in research, curriculum design, content writing, instructional design and learning management. With graphic and instructional designers, professional photographers, videographers, coders and educational experts, we have the skills and knowledge to develop interactive and inspiring online learning.

Award-winning Learning Management System

With our LMS, eLearning content is fully customisable, enabling you to contextualise your training to suit learning and organisational requirements. Any changes you make can be published with the click of a button, making updating your content easier than ever before. The system’s granular metrics allows you to easily analyse the volume of learning, including entire courses or individual students. In-built compliance mapping also helps you to ensure that any training requirements are adequately met.