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Why are Futura Resources the first choice in Western Australia?

We are excited to announce that the use of Futura Group’s resources in Western Australia has recently expanded to include all five TAFEs, with the recent commencement of North Regional TAFE and South Metropolitan TAFE’s Bentley Campus. Futura Group is honoured to have our full range of SIT and BSB resources in use across the 5 TAFEs.

The engaging and user-friendly design of our resources, as well as their flexibility make them the preferred option across TAFE WA. The various options of eLearning, Workbook and eBook means the resources can be fit to suit the needs of trainers and students regardless of location. TAFE WA has chosen to use Futura Group’s resources in a variety of ways, including:

  • eLearning and eBook embedded in TAFE’s Blackboard LMS
  • eLearning on Futura’s LMS
  • Printed workbooks in remote and non-connected locations.

Allowing trainers to have the choice between workbooks and eLearning has let them pick the option which best caters for their teaching style, as well as the learning needs of their student cohort. The choice to use our LMS or an existing LMS means that campuses can get up and running with our eLearning resources as quickly as possible, without disrupting student learning. Developed by instructional designers with industry input, the student-centric design also lends itself to better student engagement and improved learner outcomes.

“Futura’s eLearning resources create an optimal environment for our students who love the interactivity of online learning. They can also work at their own pace, providing better opportunities for mentoring and support during face-to-face class time.”

Kim Stanton – Commercial Cookery Trainer: South Metropolitan Institute of Technology

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