eCoach HQ gets a piece of Newcastle thanks to local artist Liz Anelli

September 26, 2016 3:05 am Published by

We recently moved offices to the Earp Gilliam Bond Building, a light-filled stone warehouse that looks out over the Newcastle Foreshore. Our new office space came with a long white wall about 10 metres long and 2 metres high. Realising that this large blank space was something a lot of artists dream of, we got in contact with Liz Anelli, a local artist and illustrator known for her illustrative maps.

When searching for artwork for the new office, I came across some of the maps that Liz had been making. I’ve always had a thing for maps and aerial photography and thought what Liz was doing would be perfect as we’re a proud Novacastrian Company.

Liz Annelli & Kristy Liz came into the office and painted a huge illustrative map of Newcastle over the wall, starting at Nobbys Beach and stretching all the way down to Hamilton. The map blends factual information, like road names and locations, with little twists of the imagination. Smiling faces mark our favourite pizza shops, and coffee cups mark the cafés that we frequent all too often.

Liz has even managed to tie in Kevin, the eCoach mascot, hanging from buildings and playing football on the Foreshore.

We’ve been based in Newcastle since our company was formed and Liz’s map is a great way to show that connection.
Thanks Liz!



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