Real Time Enrolments

Real-time Enrolments Now Available!

November 8, 2015 10:58 pm Published by

Customers using the Futura Group LMS can now process enrolments whenever they need to…

From the new enrolments panel, it’s now possible to enrol your students whenever you want, into any of the units in Futura Group’s eLearning catalogue. Enrol whole groups of students, or one at a time, using pre-purchased banked units at a discounted rate, or pay-as-you-go. Additionally, training organisations using the LMS can also use this new functionality to:

  • Browse / Select units from our catalogue, and assign them to learner group
  • Add / manage groups (student cohorts)
  • Enroll existing students, or add existing students to a group

The option to streamline your student enrolments and manage your groups provides trainers with complete control over when and how you onboard new students – perfect for just-in-time enrolments – and avoiding wait times during high-volume periods!

Note: this feature is currently optional – if you’re a current customer and want to access this feature please contact us.

Better Quiz Reporting

New Quizzes in the Virtual Campus now include more detailed reporting of individual student responses, allowing greater reporting and more detailed feedback.

This new feature is available to BSB Online customers and will be fully rolled out with the new SIT training package… Again, please contact us today if you would like advanced access to this new feature!

Web 2.0 AA Accessibility updates

eCoach resources have recently been updated to become more web content accessible. Most of the changes you won’t notice, that is of course unless you or your learners use a screen reader, a keyboard in place of a mouse, or some type of assistive technology.

Keyboard accessibility is one of the most important aspects of disability access, especially for vision impaired learners who almost exclusively use a keyboard for navigation. In the latest update we’ve added keyboard accessibility with the correct tab order and focus indicator for almost all of our eLearning templates. A handful of templates involving intricate user interactions still need to be updated, and will (in all probability) need to have a web accessible alternatives developed over time.

ARIA landmarks and roles also now exist across all eLearning resources and quizzes (attributes you can add to elements in your page to define areas like the main content or a navigation region).

Other accessibility improvements include changes to course navigation menus, and making text selectable across all learning pathways (some users need to highlight text so they can use a screen reader to play it back).



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