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March 9, 2015 9:51 pm Published by

Over the past few months we’ve re-written the eCoach from the ground up to provide our customers with a faster, more responsive, and more playful eLearning platform.  All of our online resources are now responsive (meaning that the layout will adapt to your device), and will work on most smart phones.

Although we’ve made every effort for all of our interactive assets to be responsive, there will still be some assets that can’t be viewed on smaller devices. The eCoach will let you know if this happens…
Some interactive designs won't work on a mobile device...
Checkpoints & Quiz Questions
All checkpoint questions are responsive and can be accessed on any device. Our developers are in the process of making all of our assets responsive, but due to the complexity of many of our interactive assets, it might take us a few weeks.

Other Updates

Kevin (our playful eCoach and mascot around the Virtual Campus) appears on all splash and finish screens, as well challenge questions and checkpoints, to remind your students that learning shouldn’t be a chore.
On the backend (where all the magic happens) we’ve improved our course building framework considerably, re-writing the code and database so that it’s faster and more reliable.
All of our existing customers will start to notice these changes over the next weeks, as we add new SCORM objects to the Virtual Campus.   If you would like to start using the new eCoach earlier, please let us know.
These enhancements have emerged from our own ideas pool, as well as from feedback we’ve received from our customers, so please let us know if you have any suggestions about how we can make the eCoach better – we’ll include your ideas for discussion as we plan any future updates.

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